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Psicologi, Psicoterapeuti, Coach, Formatori, Change Agents

Formazione per la leadership e risorse umane

Sviluppo delle competenze comunicative, training, coaching e counseling

Corsi marketing e vendita di tipo esperienziale


Profile in English

Dr. Daniele Trevisani. Communication Research, Consulting and Human Resources Training

  • High level expertise in Business Training, Coaching, Research in Communication, Human Resources Training, Human Potential and Organizational Development.

Profile of Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Senior Trainer & Head of Coaching Projects, Consultant & Research

Writer, Researcher, Consultant on Strategy and HR Development for Organizations and Firms, Trainer and Consultant of World Class Athletes and Business Leaders, and powerful Keynote Speaker.

  • As researcher, he received the Fulbright Award for Communication Research from the Fulbright Commission (USA Government, in 1990) for his research on effective communication and communication across cultural barriers.

  • In sports he obtained 3 Black Belts in 3 different Martial Arts, becoming nowadays one of the higher ranking specialists in Coaching and Mental Trainer of Athletes, with experience as Coach and Trainer for Army Special Forces, Kickboxing and MMA Champions.

  • In Management Training and Business Coaching, he consults and helps Organizations, Firms, Business Leaders and Managers in developing Leadership Programs, Effective Communication Programs, and works as Trainer, Consultant and Personal Coach.

Dan is also writer of 8 books on psychology and Human Factor, and personal trainer of Managers and leading organizations, including NATO and the United Nations. He also serves as coach for mental training in several professional sports teams and leadership trainer in over 200 companies.

Daniele Trevisani is an Italian pioneer in advanced communication science, and a multidisciplinary researcher in human performance and human potential.

Working with International Clients, he has also provided Lectures and Analysis to the United Nations, Nato, Siemens, Barilla, Ferrari, and more than 200 Large, Small and Medium Sized Companies. He is also Coach and Mental Trainer for Sports Teams, and Martial Arts Champions, including 5 Italian Champions, 1 Intercontinental Champion, and 4 World Champions in Kickboxing and MMA.

Dan provides freelance coaching, training and consulting to selected Business Clients, Sports Teams, including Companies, Organizations, Universities, and Individuals.

He is among the top-rated European consultants, writer of best sellers in Management, Communication Human Potential & psychology.

Dr. Daniele Trevisani has also lectured in several universities, business schools, and master courses, including:

  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Communication Science
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Economics, Master in Information Technology and Corporate Communications (responsible for the design and development of the Training Project and Training Structure)
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Psychology
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Engineering
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Economics
  • University of San Marino, Master in Communication Theory and Practices
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Human Sciences
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Economics
  • IFOA School of Management (University of Wales)
  • COOP Italia National School of Management
  • United Nations UNICRI International Master in Law

Integrating Business Training with Sports Experience

  • Daniele Trevisani is a Martial Arts Master and Founder of the Daoshi Bushido System, active both in the training of professional Fighters and in Outdoor Methods for Management Training based on Martial Arts. Dr. Trevisani holds 3 Black Belts in 3 different styles: Taekwondo (agonistic full-contact US style), Kickboxing, and DaoShi (MMA Style). He is also Sensei (highest level ranking) in DaoShi and Master in Muay Thai.

  • Daniele has over 24 years of experience in individual and team-coaching, including Volleyball (Coach of he International Fulbright Volley Team of the American University of Washington DC in 1990), Fitness, Boxe and Martial Arts.

The Holistic-Pragmatic Approach: Methodology & Goals

  • Coaching Personal Development

  • Communication Research

  • Organizational Development

  • Training and coaching methods

  • Human Potential Research

  • Business Development

  • Internal Communication

  • Human Resources Development

  • Team Building

  • Personal Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • High Performance Teams

  • Peak Condition

 The holistic-pragmatic methodology requires the constant exploration of a several and apparently unrelated fields of human knowledge and includes traditional fields as

  • Semiotics,

  • Greek and Latin Rhetoric,

  • new research frontiers on Mental Energy and Bioenergetics,

  • Cognitive Sciences

  • Neuroscience

  • Intercultural Communication -

A  unique focus: exploring new ways to achieve change, lasting performance, goals and wellness for personal and organizational objectives.

Research and training requires a strong commitment, and cross-disciplinary efforts for breaking barriers between disciplines - from Sport & Performance Science to Humanistic Psychology, from Economics and Statistics to Anthropology, from Andragogy to Personal Therapy, from Marketing to Human Resources Management, Drama and Cognitive Sciences - wherever a source of inspiration and useful tools can be found, without limits

Double Focus on content and on delivery methods (active training, active consulting)

To create change it is necessary to act both on the content (the aim and goals to be achieved) and on the process that is used to create change. In the training and consulting method created by Daniele Trevisani, the focus on the process is a priority, without attention to the process of change itself, no goal can be achieved.

  • The active training methods used for bringing customers the most advanced and revolutionary perspectives are also part of the research effort.

  • Using active training techniques means to use cross-disciplinary integration and create growth experiences rather than delivering lectures.

  • The Action Line Management coaching and training methods are based on the goal of delivering the models and materials in such a way that participants can “feel” and “live” an experience of growth and change, rather than "attending a course", "receiving suggestions", or being merely exposed to theories and principles. The mere exposure to contents of suggestions does not produce any lasting change.

The keywords that qualify Dr. Daniele Trevisani              

  • European top authors of innovation in holistic consulting methodology

  • best European consultants in communication

  • best European consultants in marketing

  • best European consultants in leadership

  • best European consultants in Human Potential, Team Coaching, Team Building

  • best European consultants in management

  • best European consultants in coaching, personal Coaching, Business Coaching

  • best European consultants in sales and Strategic Selling

  • best European consultants in negotiation and Intercultural Negotiation

  • best European consultants in human resources based on Humanistic Methodology

Training Services based on the Latin-Training-System approach:

  • European most active authors of innovation in holistic-training and active-training methodology

  • best European trainers in communication, communication Psychology and Communication Models

  • best European trainers in marketing Psychology

  • best European trainers in leadership and Organizational Development

  • best European trainers in management

  • best European trainers in coaching and Coaching methods, Train-the-Trainers Services and Train-the-trainers for intercultural Environment (with specific experience in Army training)

  • best European trainers in sales and strategic Selling

  • best European trainers in negotiation and intercultural Negotiation

  • best European trainers in human resources methods based on Humanistic Approaches

  • best European trainers in human Potential, authors of the Human Potential Modeling (Hpm) Method

  • best European consultants in intercultural communication

  • best European consultants in intercultural negotiation

Special Training Areas

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Intercultural Negotiation

  • Communication Skills Training

  • Phenomenology of Communication (analysis of communication from a holistic standpoint)

  • Key Leader Engagement

  • Local Leader Engagement

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Advanced Listening Skills

  • Effective Intercultural Public Speaking

  • Preparation of complex Role-Playing

  • Train-the-trainers courses in Intercultural Communication and Negotiation

  • Observation Skills - Enhanced Perception Skills

  • Communications in Crisis Management

  • Team Communications: Coordination, Information Flows and Cooperation

  • Leadership and Communication

  • Mental Training for Commanders and Leaders

  • Trainer in Communication and Relationship Tasks

Training Consultants in Italy - Italian Human Resources ConsultantsEuropean Communication Consultants - Training & Consulting Firms in ItalyEuropean Human Resources ConsultantsCommunication ConsultingCommunication ResearchSales Training

European Communication Consultants Mission and Areas of Intervention in Training, Consulting and Research: To help clients achieve life and business goals, using a wide variety of consulting and training tools, with a cross-disciplinary, holistic and pragmatic approach. Studio Trevisani has the mission of creating research-based consulting and training tools not available by any other consulting studios. This means finding new models of contribution and helping relations, in order to increase the impact of the approach and the opportunity for the client of the Studio to find unique solutions.
Europeand Holistic Marketing Consultants Vision: to be the most advanced European Communication Consultants, European Marketing Consultants, European Human Resources and Training Consultants, based on the variables of: variety, quality and originality of the self-produced holistic consulting and training models
Holistic Consultants - European Human Resources and Training Consultants Values: We believe in the social value of enhancing the life-quality of individuals, managers, organizations and firms. We work hard in order to build models based on Personal Process Consulting and Organizational Process Consulting, working towards a future where every person will be happy of his personal and corporate life, and where organizations and firms will work with a clear long-term view of their objectives, goals and related priorities.

Webmarketing and Digital Communication ResearchIndustrial ConsultingFront-Line Communication Check-upMarketing Communication ResearchExperimental ResearchAdvanced and Experimental Training

Our mission and vision is implemented with a commitment for research in the field of Communication Science. Our research enables us to transfer useful concepts, models and practices to selected organizations, applying original training techniques, coaching and research instruments in our consulting projects. Our Holistic Consulting Projects are based on both qualitative and quantitative disciplines.

We have achieved a positioning as the Italian reference point for being the most advanced research-based training and consulting firm in Italy, with a unique ability to balance grounded research efforts (published through our best selling books) and front-line activities at the Clients locations

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  • Mail Address (indirizzo postale): Via dei Morari, 31/2 - 44100 Ferrara (Italy).
  • Opzioni di contatto: per il contatto iniziale sui corsi di marketing, vendita, comunicazione e leadership, è auspicabile mettersi in comunicazione inviando una email all'indirizzo riportato, specificando la motivazione e i propri recapiti. Sarà nostra cura dar seguito alla comunicazione al più presto. Email per contatti (si prega di digitare manualmente l'indirizzo) -  email (please type it  manually):


Corso Vendita direttamente con il dott. Daniele Trevisani, Formatore Strategico Internazionale e autore del testo "Strategic Selling: Psicologia e Comunicazione per la Vendita Consulenziale e le Negoziazioni Complesse" edito da Franco Angeli, Milano

Corso Vendita con il dott. Daniele Trevisani, Consulente in Comunicazione Strategica, Formazione Vendite e Negoziazione 
  • Il Corso Vendita Studio Trevisani Comunicazione ha un'unicità, è l'unico corso in Italia tenuto direttamente dall' l'autore del libro bestseller "Strategic Selling: Psicologia e Comunicazione per la Vendita Consulenziale e le Negoziazioni Complesse", scritto dal Dott. Daniele Trevisani.
  • Il dott. Daniele Trevisani, oltre ad essere scrittore internazionale e consulente in oltre 250 imprese, ha ricevuto l'onorificenza Fulbright dal Governo USA per gli studi compiuti sulla comunicazione efficace e persuasiva, ed è l'unico consulente Italiano per le Forze Speciali Esercito sulla Comunicazione Strategica e la Negoziazione Operativa
  • Ha formato direttamente e personalmente oltre 25 Generali in partenza per missioni ONU, oltre a migliaia di manager, direttori vendite, venditori e negoziatori. Per un corso vendite fuori dall'ordinario, serve gente speciale.


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  • - scientific profile of Dr. Daniele Trevisani, including his research & consulting contributions in communication science & management

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Studio Trevisani Formazione Aziendale e Coaching opera in-house, direttamente presso la sede del cliente, in tutte le città d'Italia. La possibilità operativa è in tutta Europa e Stati Uniti, e in Italia con prevalenza di Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardia, Toscana, e interventi possibili in ogni provincia: Chieti L'AQUILA Pescara Teramo Matera POTENZA CATANZARO Cosenza Crotone Reggio Calabria Vibo Valentia Avellino Benevento Caserta NAPOLI Salerno BOLOGNA Cesena Ferrara Forlì Modena Parma Piacenza Ravenna Reggio Emilia Rimini Gorizia Pordenone TRIESTE Udine Frosinone Latina Rieti ROMA Viterbo GENOVA Imperia La Spezia Savona Bergamo Brescia Como Cremona Lecco Lodi Mantova MILANO Monza Pavia Sondrio Varese ANCONA Ascoli Piceno Fermo Macerata Pesaro Urbino CAMPOBASSO Isernia Alessandria Asti Biella Cuneo Novara TORINO Verbania Vercelli Andria BARI Barletta Brindisi Foggia Lecce Taranto Trani CAGLIARI Carbonia Nuoro Oristano Sassari Agrigento Caltanissetta Catania Enna Messina PALERMO Ragusa Siracusa Trapani Bolzano TRENTO Arezzo FIRENZE Grosseto Livorno Lucca Massa Pisa Pistoia Prato Siena PERUGIA Terni AOSTA Belluno Padova Rovigo Treviso VENEZIA Verona Vicenza

Sezione speciale Coaching e ruolo del Mental Coach in campo Aziendale, Sportivo e Personale

In evidenza: Master Metodo HPM (Sviluppo manageriale del potenziale personale) e Master in Psicologia del Marketing e Comunicazione Metodo ALM (Master privato in Marketing Management) condotti direttamente dal Dott. Daniele Trevisani

Proud member of the CWF - Coaching World Federation


Sito a cura di: Dott. Daniele Trevisani, migliore consulente aziendale italiano e migliore coach in Italia secondo Amazon per numero e qualità delle pubblicazioni